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Dometic CFX-35US: When Portability Meets Convenience

Dometic CFX-35USIf you have come across this page, it means you are looking for a portable refrigerator/freezer that does not take much space, works efficiently and does not cost a fortune. Congratulations - your quest is over. Dometic CFX-35US (35 liters) is characterized by all these.

Before we start discussing the model - a note that you might be looking for: no, it cannot be used as a freezer AND as a fridge at the same time. You set a temperature, and it works either as a freezer or as a fridge. Now let’s move on to the description of the machine.

To begin with, it’s actually expensive - Amazon offers it at the price of $579.99. Yet there are models that cost even more, and the high quality of this product explains why the price is like this. With a capacity of 35 liters, it can store up to a dozen large bottles, or 47 cans of 12 ounces (350 ml) each. That’s enough to supply a team of football players (or one thirsty truck driver).

As to the fridge dimensions, it’s length makes up 25 inches (63.5 cm), the width is 16 inches (40.64 cm), and the height is also 16 inches (40.64 cm). It means it can easily be installed in a van, truck or boat. The item weighs 38.6 pounds (17.5 kg), and it’s definitely an advantage, because you can carry it yourself even if your hand truck has broken or something. Actually, it’s relatively lightweight if compared to other models. The internal dimensions for the two compartments are the following: 13 1/2" (34.3 cm) long X 13 1/4" (33.6 cm) wide X 17" (43.18 cm) deep for the larger one, and 6 1/4" (15.9 cm) long X 13 1/4" (33.6 cm) wide X 9 1/2" (24.1 cm) deep for the smaller one. It is 37 quarts (35 liters).

The cooling compartment has a removable wire basket that makes it easy to refill the fridge. For instance, if you want to store the food you keep in your fridge at home for the night you are staying there, no need to carry the machine - simply take the basket, put it into your stationary refrigerator and get it back in the morning. The basket also has a divider if you want to arrange your cans, bottles, and other kinds of food in a special order.

Dometic fridges operate on 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC or 24-volt DC, which means you can use them almost anywhere. The rated current is 7.0 / 3.2 / 0.72 for 12VDC / 24VDC / 120VAC. Among the fridge features are an electronic thermostat that has an LED display which shows you how cool it is inside, and carry handles that can be folded to make the overall dimensions smaller. Besides, the interior of the fridge has integrated LED lights that do not consume much energy.

One of the uncommon features is the USB port to which you can connect some MP3-player or smartphone to recharge it (they say the port is 0.5 amps). The fridge lids are detachable and reversible. The fridge comes with AC and DC cords, so you don’t have to buy ones separately. The length of each of them is 2 meters (6 ft). The hinges are made of stainless steel.

The fridge is capable of maintaining the temperature within the range of -8 oF and +50 oF (-22 oC and +10 oC). Even if the fridge battery is low, the machine will remember the preset temperature after further turning on. There is hardly any noise noticeable (though no exact number is specified either in the spec file or in the feedback) - you really need to put your ear next to the freezer to hear it working. You can even sleep near it without hearing the compressor noise.

The fridge is sturdy and well-made, the parts used are durable - you can even sit on it (don’t overestimate its capabilities, though).  All in all, the fridge is really efficient - it keeps food cool or frozen, depending on what you need, even on hot days. The majority of customers are satisfied with the result, with the only exception of one user who reported different temperatures in different parts of the compartment (some food got frozen instead of cooled). Nevertheless, the quality of the fridge’s work is proved by a large number of users, which enables us to recommend you the model.

Besides the fridge itself, you may need additional appliances, devices and products that can make your experience of using the fridge better. We have compiled a list of things you may need while using Dometic CFX-35US.

Note: since the model features an LED display that shows the temperature inside, we did not include thermometers into the list.

1. Freezer Meter

To be honest, this item isn’t that necessary, because you can easily make one yourself. Yet if you want all your accessories to be stylish and ‘professional’, this Freezer Meter is a good thing to buy.

The concept behind the product is very easy. No, it’s SUPER easy. It’s just a small container that is filled with water. When the water inside freezes, you put a ball on the top of the ice and attach the container to the fridge wall. If the temperature drops, the ice starts melting, and the ball gets closer to the bottom. This is a way to monitor whether your freezer has periods when it gets too warm, or the cases when power outages occur. The item is a plastic one and has dimensions of 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches (7.62 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm). It weighs 0.8 ounces (22,6 g). It costs $6.99 on Amazon.

Actually, it is easy to identify meltdowns yourself if you make an analogue of this ‘professional’ freezer meter. Simply take a small plastic bag (like the one used for wrapping food - the smaller the more convenient; another option is to find a small container) and put a cube of ice you are to prepare in advance. Tie the bag or seal it. If the temperature in the freezer drops, the cube will loose its shape, and you will see if there has been a meltdown.

2. Camco 44123 Fridge Airator

For those of you who worry some products may get frozen while other ones are just cooled, here is an airator, which cools the inside of the fridge evenly so that the temperature could be the same in all parts of the compartment. This model is offered for $15.92 on Amazon. The device features charcoal filters that absorb odors. If you decide to use these filters (though some people remove them if they don’t care about odors and want a better airflow instead), you may need to replace them from time to time, for instance, with these ones. The dimensions are 7.5 x 5.4 x 2.1 inches (19 x 13.7 x 5.3 cm). Unlike another model offered by the same company, this one has an on/off switch, which adds convenience, and is smaller, so it will take less space in your portable fridge. The item weighs 4.8 ounces (136 g). It requires D cells to operate, and customers report they replace the batteries once a month.

They say it does the job as advertised and spreads cool air evenly, with the only drawback being cheap plastic that is not supposed to last for a very long time, so be careful when handling the device and replacing the batteries. If you don't want to buy a specialized fan for your fridge you also can use more versatile fan like one of these. They don't have filters but will do the same job fine.

3. Renogy 200 Watts Bundle Kit

This solar kit costs $324.99 on Amazon and proves to be a good choice when buying a portable fridge. It provides up to 200 watts of energy, weatherproof, and features a wide range of products that are included: 2 monocrystalline 100-watt solar panels, two pairs of branch connectors, 9in MC4 Adaptor Kit, and 30A Wanderer charge controller, which means you don’t have to buy a separate one.

It’s rather compact (47 x 21.3 x 1.4 inches, or 119.4 x 54,1 x 3.556 cm), so it is convenient to have such a kit if you can keep it in your van, for example.

The system is extendable up to 400 watts. Besides, you will need a battery, so don’t’ forget to buy some good one (like this, for example), if you don’t already have it.

These panels are really efficient and provide more energy than your fridge needs, so you will be able to use other devices too. Or you can buy a smaller solar panel for your fridge and for electronic devices to use one of the portable solar chargers

The panels are great and efficient - everyone is happy with the energy they provide. The only drawback is the controller, which is rather cheap, so be careful when handling it.

4. Camco 44033 Fridge Brace

This item is useful if your fridge tends to move if the road you are driving is not in a good condition. The fridge braces cost $4.77 for a 2 pack. Durable and compact, these items help prevent food sliding and avoid spilling. They are attached directly to the fridge basket. To do it, let the nut fit through the spacing and turn the nut 90 degrees. 

5. Vergo S300S Hand Truck

Though the fridge in question is not extremely heavy, some (especially ladies) may find it difficult to carry. In such cases, a hand truck is what can help you move the freezer to the place where you need it to be. It can carry up to 150 pounds (68 kg), which makes it useful and versatile - moving, harvesting, travelling get easier if you have a hand truck. It is foldable and equipped with a telescopic handle to save space when the item is not in use. It’s lightweight (8 pounds / 3.6 kg) and sturdy, since the frame is made of steel. The nose plate can also be folded, as well as the wheels which are made of solid rubber and are 5” (12.7 cm). Some more information about the dimensions:

Opened dimensions: 39" x 16" x 14" (99.1 x 40.64 x 35.6 cm)

Folded dimensions: 29.75" x 15.25" x 2" (75.6 x 38.7 x 5.1 cm))

Nose plate dimensions: 15" x 11" (38.1 x 27.9 cm)

Amazon offers this hand truck for $35.00. You may also need bungee cords to keep your fridge in place while transporting it.

Though the majority of reports are positive, don’t overload it too much if you decide to move some large and heavy boxes instead of your fridge.

6. Dometic CFX-CVR35 Insulated Protective Cover

To protect your fridge from the elements, keep it cool, and save on energy, don’t forget to buy this protective cover. It’s available on Amazon for $47.99. Among its features is a pocket for your smartphone that is next to the USB output, eyelets for secure installation in a vehicle, and great insulation: oxford nylon fabric covers the sides and the top, while the bottom and ends are made of rubber coated nylon. As the manufacturer claims, the interior insulation lining is of aluminum coated polyester. As to the dimensions, they make up 18.1 x 3.9 x 3 inches (46 x 9.9 x 7.62 cm).

It is worthy of note that there are no (literally no, at least as of 11/21/16) negative reviews on Amazon, the worst rate for it is 4 starts. Other than that, everyone is satisfied with the purchase, as the cover really helps protect the fridge and save energy.

7. Dometic CFX-SLD3540US CFX Slide

For those of you intending to use the fridge in a car, Dometic offers a slide that makes using the freezer more convenient. It costs $199.00, but there’s not much information on it yet - Amazon has only one review (though this customer rated it 5*). The maximum capacity is 220 lbs (99.8 kg), it has two sets of mounting holes, and the surface is powder coated. The item itself weighs 36.4 pounds (16.5 kg), and it’s as big as 35.6 x 23.6 x 5.2 inches (90.4 x 60 x 13.2 cm). The slide is dedicated to fastening your freezer so that it would be convenient for you to access it.

8. CFX Wireless Display

Our overview would be incomplete, if we didn’t add this device to the list. It is a wireless display offered by the fridge manufacturer, which is sold on Amazon at the price of $51.38. It does all that a display must do: shows the fridge temperature, fridge power source, battery protection setting, and alarm setting. It requires 2 AAA batteries or 12/24 V to operate (the batteries are included in the package - that’s a rare case!). Note that it is rather large: 10.5 x 4 x 1.7 inches (26.7 x 10.16 x 4 cm).

With this device, one can manage the fridge being as far as 49 feet (~15 meters) away (as the manufacturer claims). The alarm will inform you if the temperature drops below the set level.

There is a major drawback, though: customers report that they experience inability of the fridge to communicate with the display the right way even if the distance between them is not significant. Even in the open air the real range within which it can work proves to be 20’ (6 meters). So you will be able to use it only if there are no obstructions between the fridge and the display. All in all, it really works, but only in certain conditions, which not all customers can provide.  

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